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Vape Showcase Safety Tips for Vaping
Vaporizer explosions have made the news several times in the last few years. What many may not realize is that investigations typically reveal the devices in question are being mishandled or have been modified outside the scope of the manufacturer’s intent. In an effort to dispel any undue fears about vaporizers exploding, it is important that all vapers do their part to vape safely and avoid dangerous situations.

Follow These Simple Guidelines

  • Inspect Your Batteries: While most vape batteries are durable and designed to survive inside your device as you carry it, there is a small possibility that your batteries could leak, leading to a very unstable vaporizer. The most common cause of batteries leaking is damage from dropping it. If you drop your device on a hard surface, take a minute to inspect your batteries for visible cracks.
  • Unplug Batteries When They’re Done Charging: Batteries that overheat often are subject to undue stress. When your batteries begin to overheat they will start swelling. If this goes on for too long, thermal runaway could lead to an explosion. If you regularly leave your batteries on a charger for extended periods of time, try to remove them as soon as they are done charging and store them safely in a case. Otherwise, you may wake up to a really bad situation. This should be your vape battery safety mantra.
  • Don’t Carry Your Device Loose: Some of the biggest stories of the last few years have been vaporizers that exploded inside purses or backpacks. Letting your device bounce around inside of a bag leaves open the possibility the firing button may be inadvertently pressed and held for an unusually long time. Again, this causes batteries to overheat and can cause some serious damage with the resulting shrapnel.
  • Buy Quality Batteries: Cheaper is not always better. Do your homework and make sure you are getting the correct type of batteries for your device. Make sure you also have the proper charger for the batteries you choose. Mixing and matching batteries with devices and cables is a recipe for disaster.

Still Have Questions?

For more vape safety tips and tricks, speak to the experts and manufacturers yourself by visiting The Vape Showcase. It one of the largest national vape shows, where you can enjoy a vape-friendly environment among people who are equally interested in keeping vapor safe and accessible.