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If you’re headed to this year’s Vape Showcase at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, you’re probably wondering what other interesting attractions are nearby. The good news is that Houston is full of fun places to check out with your friends once you’ve experienced everything at the Showcase. 

Houston: We Have Attractions!

After getting your fill of vape culture at Vape Showcase, we highly recommend checking out these local attractions!

Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar

Fun Things to Do in Houston After Vape Showcase

This legendary hot spot is great for those who love to sing their hearts out and listen to others do the same. The upbeat atmosphere is welcoming to people from all backgrounds. 

Miller Outdoor Theater

This outdoor theater and park is constantly hosting performers of all kinds. The shows are free, and you can pack your own refreshments to take along. 

Art Car Museum

Fun Attractions in Houston after Vape Showcase

What happens when you cross real-life cars with modern art? You get an unusual museum full of vehicles that have been transformed into hand-crafted masterpieces. 

Port Houston

If you’re up for a little sea faring, you’ll love the free 90-minute boat rides at Port Houston!

Phoenicia Specialty Foods

Fun things to do while in town for Vape Showcase

This giant, international grocery store is an unusual attraction that never fails to amaze. Walk down the aisles and try something from a place far, far away.

The Water Wall

This incredible fountain is shaped like a horseshoe and puts on a great show as it winds its way through 186 oak trees at 68 feet tall.

Sporting Events

Attractions in Houston after Vape Showcase

Houston is home to several professional sports teams, including baseball’s Astros, football’s Texans and basketball’s Rockets. You can catch a game at one of their parks or arenas just about year round. 

Take a Tour

Whether you’re a lover of fine wines or cuisine, there are several food and drink tours inside of Houston for your pleasure.

The Space Center

Fun things to in Houston after Vape Showcase

The Houston Space Center is an active part of today’s space race, and there is plenty to see and do as you tour the facility. 

Downtown Aquarium

The Downtown Aquarium is full of life. You’ll love seeing all of the fish and sea mammals swimming around along with plenty of demonstrations by trainers.

The Vape Showcase

Vape Showcase - Houston

The Vape Showcase is set to be full of incredible vape brands offering all kinds of vape juice, vape accessories and custom vape mods. The event is free, so book your hotel and don’t miss out on this monster vaping extravaganza!