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About Giant Vapes

This year The Vape Showcase is coming to Atlanta, GA, with the help of its newest sponsor, Giant Vapes. Giant Vapes entered the vaping scene in 2013 as a collective of knowledgeable vapers who wanted to make sure other people could experience the same benefits of vaping that they had.

They set their sights upon creating a transparent and straightforward business model that would ensure great pricing on all of their devices, accessories and e-liquids. They even went one step further and created their very own testing program to verify the safety and quality of all e-liquid products they sell. Why? Because they didn’t want to settle for questionable practices that some manufacturers were using to cut corners and skirt regulations.

What They Sell

Today, Giant Vapes carries some of the biggest brand names in the vaping industry, including vape kits from Aspire and HexOhm, and more than 100 tried and true e-liquid manufacturers. From Cosmic Fog to Liquid State to Northern Lights, they have verified that all of these companies live up to their reputations. In addition, Giant Vapes is home to several online exclusives such as Alice in Vapeland e-liquids and several others. Giant Vapes is also an authorized AW battery dealer, proving that they even went the extra mile to ensure that all of their accessories are up to snuff.

What to Look For

The Vape Showcase will be landing at the Atlanta Expo Center South from March 25-26, 2017. The expo is expected to be a huge event featuring many of the top brands and manufacturers of the year, announcing some big news for new products and e-liquids in the coming months. Giant Vapes is sponsoring the vape convention and will be taking part in the educational demonstrations and product unveilings that will be happening throughout the event. As always, their focus is on sharing the love of vaping, and they will be available to answer questions and help new and experienced vapers alike find their next big break in vaping technology. Just like their excellent online customer service, they are here to assist you with making the right choice.

Everyone is invited to come on out to The Vape Showcase on March 25-26, 2017, in Atlanta, GA. Tickets are available online for the general public along with a full schedule and list of vendors.