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Have you ever wished you had been around to get in on the ground floor of the personal computer, social media, or fantasy football markets? If so, you should consider joining the fast-growing vape industry. It is estimated that the worldwide vape industry will enjoy a growth rate greater than 22 per cent in the decade of 2015 to 2025, creating a total market value of at least $50 billion!

That’s exactly why we have organized this year’s Dallas Vape Showcase. After a phenomenal event last year in Houston, everyone is really looking forward to this year’s bigger and better vape industry convention.

At the Vape Showcase, our team firmly believes the industry is ready for an exciting and professional event that shows how the vape market has rapidly matured into one of great opportunity and responsible growth. We are helping to bring this important industry to a new level of professionalism and are excited to participate in a new effort at education and advocacy.

Our nearly three decades of experience in promotion and event management is fully invested in this effort. Our goal is to help create the Dallas Vape Showcase as one of the premier events in this industry. This is a pivotal year in an explosive market, and you will want to attend as a consumer to get the latest in vape products and information. Our vendors will be showcasing their newest product offerings, and you’ll gain a fresh appreciation for the joys of vaping.

Of course, if you are a vendor with any type of business in the Vape market space, this is the place to be for brand building, customer development, and industry awareness. We’ve designed the Dallas Vape Showcase to meet your marketing and educational needs in an environment that reflects our industry’s new prominence and expectations.

We also have a limited number of sponsorships available for those industry-leading firms that want to maximize their presence within the vape community.

You’ll find that Big D is a great place to come and visit, with plenty to see and do before and after attending the Dallas Vape Showcase. With plenty of great hotels, unique dining opportunities, and an endless variety of entertainment, make plans to attend the Dallas Vape Showcase today!