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If you enjoy a good vape in Houston and have discovered some of the fantastic vape shops in the metro area and throughout Texas, then you will most certainly want to take a look at how Vape Forward is making a name for themselves by taking cigalike technology and design to the next level.

Meet the Cync

Meet the Sponsors: Vape forward at Vape Showcase Houston

Vape Forward is an American company and has plans to take on the global cigalike market with their new Cync. It is a thin, hexagonal-shaped device that produces solid clouds of delicious vapor from pre-filled pods. It can be customized with any one of three different batteries to produce the right amount of power for each user’s taste.

The Cync is highly versatile and accepts pods produced by Glas, Beard Vape, Five Pawns, Space Jam, Cutwood, and more, which means users can sample a wide variety of e-juices until they find the ones they like the best. Since the Cync is easy to use and a breeze to maintain, it’s no surprise the device is becoming one of the most popular products in vape shops in Texas.

Going Global

Meet the Sponsors: Vape forward at Vape Showcase Houston

The company has already made quite the name for themselves with the VaporFlask and their reputation for high quality at an affordable price. They are also renowned for their top-shelf customer service and the ease of using and maintaining the devices they manufacture. Indeed, the company’s products are so popular that vape shops in Houston have trouble keeping them in stock. 

Ultimately, Vape Forward is looking to expand into the global market in a big way. Recognizing that there are plenty of smokers out there eager to shift gears and take up vaping, the company is banking on the size and affordability of their Cync devices. It has been a highly successful strategy in the U.S. market, and the company has incredible things in store for the future.

Check out Vape Forward

Meet the Sponsors: Vape forward at Vape Showcase Houston

Vape Forward is one of the sponsors of our FREE upcoming vape convention in Houston. We invite you to come by and take a look at the products from their vape collection they will have on display. If you are a vaper looking for a fabulous device at an unbeatable price point, Vape Forward is one booth at the Vape Showcase that you won’t want to pass by.