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The Vape Showcase is proud to introduce a couple of our sponsors for the 2017 expo: Comp Lyfe and Primitive Vapor Company. Both of these companies have been working hard for the last couple years to bring new products to market and develop strong distribution systems to get those products to customers. Now these fine companies are supporting the upcoming Atlanta vape convention that will be a prime place to meet other vapers and discover new products.

Primitive Vapor Company

Primitive Vapor Vape Showcase

Through a partnership with Giant Vapes, Primitive Vapor Company was able to bring several new e-liquid flavors to the market last year. These included a citrusy sweet Key Lime Creme and a savory Buttermilk Pie, among others. They went on to win several awards at vaping events in Dallas at the end of 2016, giving them momentum for the new year. Other unique flavors to keep an eye out for include their grapefruit meringue concoction and their lemon tiramisu.

Comp Lyfe

Comp Lyfe Vape Showcase

Comp Lyfe came onto the scene with the mission of bringing great products to their customers without delays. Starting out in a small, cramped warehouse, their orders quickly took off and they have since moved into a much larger space where they can handle the high volume of orders they receive every day.
They are constantly adding new vaporizer products to their menu, and improving upon their selection and making sure vapers always have access to the next big thing. They have hundreds of custom mods, decks and accessories available so you can personalize your vape from top to bottom. Plus, you can pick up some pretty cool swag from their apparel shop while you’re at it.

Your Connection to Vape Culture

If you’re looking for a friendly place to vape in Atlanta in March, you should stop by the Vape Showcase. You will have the opportunity to get up close and personal with some of the biggest players in the vaping industry, including Comp Lyfe and Primitive Vapor Company. Plan to see lots of new product releases, plenty of discussion panels about vaping and more than a few samples of fresh new flavors.
The Vape Showcase will be at the Atlanta Expo Center South from March 25-26, 2017. You can get your tickets online here!