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The Vape Showcase Vendor
The Vape Showcase has the distinct pleasure of bringing together two rising stars in the vape industry: LocalVape.com and Vape Dynamics will be sponsoring the 2017 Vape Showcase in Atlanta, GA, providing the expertise of a large-scale online retailer and a knowledge of the alternative vape community.
Here’s what you can expect to see from these two incredible sponsors at The Vape Showcase, March 25-26, at the Atlanta Expo Center South.


LocalVape logo
LocalVape.Com is an online emporium of all things vape. They entered the vape scene from the state of Nevada, quickly building up a massive inventory of popular devices and e-liquids.
They have built their reputation on providing quick delivery of quality devices and some really hard to find e-liquids. They have also put together a huge selection of accessories and drip tips to modify the way you vape.
Consumers will have the opportunity to see some of LocalVape’s awesome selection in action at The Vape Showcase.

Vape Dynamics

Vape Dynamics logo
Vape Dynamics is joining the team as one of the premier providers of alternative vaporizers. Their selection of dry herb and concentrate vaporizers is known for innovative technology and dependability.
They now have stores located throughout the U.S. and Canada, serving residents in person and online with great customer service. Vape Dynamics also has a strong wholesale presence in the market, making them a great contact for local vape shops looking to expand their product offerings.

Check Out these Sponsors at The Vape Showcase

Both of these brands have become staples of the vape community, providing products that stretch across all types of vaping. Their diverse range of products and experiences will be an asset to The Vape Showcase as they share their unique take on vaping with the entire vape expo and local vape shops.
If you are looking for the next great vape event, check out The Vape Showcase in Atlanta, GA, from March 25-26, 2017. This two-day expo will be hosted at the Atlanta Expo Center South. You will be able to visit booths and speak with some of the great minds behind all of today’s hottest vaping technology. You can also expect to see plenty of demonstrations and discussion about upcoming changes to vapor. Tickets are available now online!