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The Houston vape community is growing at a rapid pace, and the team at Cyclops Vapors is keeping their eye on the latest trends and stocking their shelves with top vape brands.

Their passion for the e-juice market keeps them focused on delivering only the finest products to consumers, and they have their sights set on becoming the top vape brand that people trust when it comes time to fill their vaporizer tanks and cartridges.

A Strong Pantheon of Heavenly Flavors

Cyclops E-Liquid E-Juice Flavors

A company is only as strong as the reputation supported by the products the company is founded upon. After years of research and development (and a bit of trial and error), the team at Cyclops Vapor has created nine distinct flavors that are the strongest and most unique on the market.

Whether you prefer the smooth and sweet flavors of Colossus or the nutty notes of Hades, they have a flavor to suit every vaping palate within the Houston vape community.

Gear to Go Wherever You Go

Cyclops Vapor offers a number of accessories to help their clients enjoy vaping in Houston, TX. They also make it easy for loyal customers to show their love of their liquids with their hats, shirts and decals, which stand out among the shining stars of the Lone Star State.

In fact, they’ve heard rumors and legends that these highly portable tokens and trinkets have been carried everywhere from the peaks of the Rockies to the highest heights of the Himalayas.

Making Their Mark on a Burgeoning Industry

Cyclops Vapor at Vape Showcase Houston, TX

Cyclops Vapors is entering the national market swinging their strongest stuff, which will be on display at The Vape Showcase in September. As with the namesakes of their products, they are confident that their e-liquids will achieve legendary status as word of their potent flavors and strong charms wafts and spreads from the vaping expo to homes across the country.     

We invite you to drop by and visit Cyclops Vapor at The Vape Showcase when it comes to the GRB Convention Center in Houston, TX, on Sept. 16-17. Tickets to this much-anticipated vaping expo will be on sale soon and you won’t want to miss out on what is sure to be an event filled with the latest and greatest in vaporizer technology.