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The 510 Thread Magnetic Ring Adapter is a premium magnetic adapter ring that is made for use with compact oil cartridge battery vaporizers.
This high quality, universal mini connector ring utilizes a 510 threading that can be attached to the bottom of most 510-accepting vape oil cartridges.

Once you have this magnetic adapter securely attached to your oil cartridge you would then simply drop the entire attachment into the battery’s housing where the internal magnets will create a strong and reliable connection between the heating element and battery.

This magnetic ring-style adapter is designed to be universally compatible and fits many devices on the market. However, we cannot guarantee compatibility across all brands & models. Below we have compiled a short list of devices that we have tested and confirmed.
Airis Diamond: Compatible

Airis Mystica R: Compatible
Airis Qute: Compatible
Airis Tick: Compatible
Airis Mystica II: Compatible
Airis Mystica: Compatible

Airis Mystica VV: Compatible
Conseal PE/VV: Compatible
eDab OmniPen: Not Compatible
eDab Vanta: Not Compatible
Impetus Gogo: Compatible
Honeystick Beebox: Compatible
HoneyStick Elf: Compatible

Itsuwa Ultraflo Mini (Mini 2IN1): Compatible
Kangvape Klasik: Compatible
Kangvape Klasik V2: Compatible
Kangvape TH-420 II: Compatible
Kangvape TH-420V: Compatible
Kangvape TH-710: Compatible
Komodo Battery Special Edition (C3): Compatible
Komodo C5: Compatible
Komodo C6: Compatible

Uwow Storm: Compatible
Vivant Vault: Compatible

Yocan Groote: Compatible

Yocan Handy: Compatible
Yocan Hive 2.0: Compatible

Yocan Rega: Compatible
Yocan UNI: Compatible
Yocan UNI Pro: Compatible

Yocan Wit: Compatible
If you do not see your device on the list above, please visit our  and select a different adapter to check compatibility, or contact us for assistance in selecting the proper model for your battery.

510 Thread Magnetic Connector Ring (Pack of 3, 5, 10, 50, or 100)
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