Air Factory Tobacco-Free Nic E-Liquid 100ml


Air Factory E-liquid truly understands what it takes to produce amazing candy, fruity, dessert, menthol-infused, and even lemonade vapes that satisfy every vaper’s cravings when it comes to those classic tastes we know and love. Well, here is your chance to experience some awesome splendor with the Air Factory Tobacco-Free Nic E-Juice that come in 3mg and 6mg.

Air Factory 100ML Flavors

Aloha Strawberry 3mg, Aloha Strawberry 6mg, Artic Berry Pomegranate 3mg, Artic Berry Pomegranate 6mg, Kookie Krunch 3mg, Kookie Krunch 6mg, Mystery 3mg, Mystery 6mg, Peach Passion 3mg, Peach Passion 6mg, Pink Punch 3mg, Pink Punch 6mg, Pink Punch Ice 3mg, Pink Punch Ice 6mg, Strawberry Nectar 3mg, Strawberry Nectar 6mg, Tropical Grapefruit 3mg, Tropical Grapefruit 6mg, Wild Apple 3mg, Wild Apple 6mg

SKU AF TFN 100ml