Bad Drip E-Liquid - 60ml


Bad Drip has taken over the vaping community with exceptional flavors that can’t be found anywhere else. In addition to delivering satisfying tastes, the brand has an eye-catching aesthetic, packaging their signature flavors in playful and colorful bottles that feature beautiful psychedelic artwork. A variety of flavors even come in bottles that are designed to mimic prescription jars, turning these juices into conversation pieces.

More imaginative vape juice flavors from Bad Drip include Ugly Butter, a buttery doughnut that’s stuffed with creamy banana pudding and topped with warm cinnamon sugar. For cereal lovers, there’s Cereal Trip, a decadent glazed doughnut that’s shamelessly smothered in sugary, fruity cereal and slathered in creamy, cold milk. Another favorite is Nancy’s New Nightmare, a fluffy and rich Belgian waffle that’s topped with savory hazelnuts and pecans before being dunked into a bath of glorious salted caramel.

Bad Drip has also won the hearts of fruit fanatics. Their innovative fruity concoctions include Crush, a tribute to sweet tangerine soda, and Twisty, an exquisite blend of thick, tangy yogurt and outrageously juicy berries.

If you’re a candy fiend, Bad Drip has an abundance of e-juices that are destined to become your new all-time favorite e-liquids. Laffy is a sticky and sugary blueberry taffy that’s infused with juicy grape flavor. Sweet Tooth is a delicious cotton candy flavor that’s infused with fresh, tart raspberry juice.

All of the vape juices from Bad Drip are made with food grade ingredients that are superior in quality. All of the flavoring extracts are carefully handpicked in order to ensure authenticity and outstanding taste. Each batch is handcrafted for maximum vaping pleasure.

If you’re a fan of unique and whimsical flavors, Bad Drip will blow your mind. Their bold and daring approach to juice-making has resulted in some of the most exciting and tantalizing e-juices on the planet.

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Bad Drip Flavor

BAD APPLE – 0 MG, BAD APPLE – 3 MG, BAD APPLE – 6 MG, BAD BLOOD – 0 MG, BAD BLOOD – 3 MG, BAD BLOOD – 6 MG, CEREAL TRIP – 0 MG, CEREAL TRIP – 3 MG, CEREAL TRIP – 6 MG, DON'T CARE BEAR – 0 MG, DON'T CARE BEAR – 3 MG, DON'T CARE BEAR – 6 MG, Don't Care Iced 0MG, Don't Care Iced 3MG, Don't Care Iced 6MG, Farley's Gnarly Ice 0MG, Farley's Gnarly Ice 3MG, Farley's Gnarly Ice 6MG, FARLEY'S GNARLY SAUCE – 3 MG, FARLEY'S GNARLY SAUCE – 6 MG, FARLEY'S GNARLY SAUCE- 0 MG, GOD NECTAR – 0 MG, GOD NECTAR – 3 MG, GOD NECTAR – 6 MG, Iced God Nector 0mg, Iced God Nector 3mg, Iced God Nector 6mg, Lemon 0MG, Lemon 3MG, Lemon 6MG, Nectar 0MG, UGLY BUTTER – 0 MG, UGLY BUTTER – 3 MG, UGLY BUTTER – 6 MG