Burst Duo E-Liquid 60ML


Burst Duo Vape Juice has caught our attention once again with their new collection of e-liquid flavors that blend two distinct flavors to create an exquisite vaping experience. The Apple Watermelon flavor is a combination of crisp red apples and refreshing watermelon slices that create a delectable fruit duet.

With just one inhale of Apple Watermelon, your taste buds will be captivated by an explosive citrus blast of juicy apple, complemented by a subtle and sweet watermelon note. As you exhale the milky cloud of vapor from your lungs, a delightful watermelon presence blossoms on your taste buds, flooding through your nose in a balance of aromas.

After the thick cloud of vapor dissipates into the ether, a lingering taste of soft apple and succulent watermelon will dance along your palate, making you crave just one more hit. At VapeJuice.com, we offer Apple Watermelon by Burst Duo in a 60ml unicorn squeeze bottle, with nicotine levels of 0mg, 3mg, or 6mg, depending on your preference. If you’re looking for a new fruit experience, give the Burst Duo collection a try.

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Burst Duo Flavour

Apple Watermelon 0mg, Apple Watermelon 3mg, Apple watermelon 6MG, Guava Dragonfruit 0mg, Guava Dragonfruit 3mg, Guava Dragonfruit 6mg, Kiwi Strawberry 0mg, Kiwi Strawberry 3mg, Kiwi Strawberry 6mg, Peach Raspb 0mg, Peach Raspb 3mg

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