Cake Delta 10 Disposable -1.5g


About the Cake 1.5 gram Delta 10 Disposable

Discover the new line of Delta 10 products from the Cake Brand. The Cake 1.5gram Delta 10 disposable vape is Cake’s first step into producing new Cannabinoids. The wide spread success of their most popular Delta 8 products is sure to carry over to this Delta 10 device. Customers who choose Cake claim they have the most potent and highest quality distillate available. Each Cake Delta 10 disposable contains 1.5 grams of Delta 10 THC per device and comes in a beautifully redesigned, pen-style battery that is rechargeable and more reliable than their older devices.

Cake Delta 10 Dispose

AK-47 (Sativa), Birthday Cake (Indica), Gorilla Glue (Hybrid), Green Crack (Sativa), Ice Cream Cake (Hybrid), Pineapple Express (Sativa), Sour Tangie (Sativa), Super Sour Diesel (Sativa), White Widow (Sativa)

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