Candy King E-Liquid 100ML



Based in Los Angeles, California, DripMore’s Candy King came onto the scene as a brand devoted to perfectly recreating the flavors of iconic, nostalgic-like candies that we all still crave to this day. In fact, they have for many years, become the go-to brand for every vaper whose sweet tooth longs for familiar candy flavors.

Using high-quality flavoring ingredients, with a variety of delicious products, each of their e-liquid flavors will dazzle your taste buds while transporting you back to a simpler time.

The team of flavor experts behind Candy King Eliquids understands our desires for authentic flavors. With high-quality ingredients and a dedication to recapturing these flavors exactly, our taste buds have a reason to celebrate. No matter if you enjoy those classic sweets, want a bit of tropical paradise from their Tropic King line, or simply want to get that tobacco fix with Tobac King, there’s some for every vaper’s cravings.

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Batch 0MG, Batch 3MG, Batch 6MG, Batch Ice 0mg, Batch Ice 3mg, Batch Ice 6mg, Berry Dweebz 0mg, Berry Dweebz 3mg, Berry Dweebz 6mg, Choco Cream 0mg, Choco Cream 3mg, Choco Cream 6mg, DVNK 0mg, DVNK 3mg, DVNK 6mg, Gusher 0mg, Gusher 3mg, Gusher 6mg, Hard Apple 0mg, Hard Apple 3mg, Hard Apple 6mg, Jaws 0MG, Jaws 3MG, Jaws 6MG, Lemon Drops 0mg, Lemon Drops 3MG, Lemon Drops 6mg, Lemon Drops Ice 0mg, Lemon Drops Ice 3mg, Lemon Drops Ice 6mg, Lemon Wafer 0mg, Lemon Wafer 3mg, Lemon Wafer 6mg, Peachy Rings 0mg, Peachy Rings 3mg, Peachy Rings 6mg, Pink Squares 0mg, Pink Squares 3mg, Pink Squares 6mg, Sour Straws 0MG, Sour Straws 3MG, Sour Straws 6MG, Straw Belts Ice 0mg, Straw Belts Ice 6mg, Strawberry Belts 0mg, Strawberry Belts 3mg, Strawberry Belts 6MG, Strawberry Rolls 0mg, Strawberry Rolls 3mg, Strawberry Rolls 6mg, Strawberry Water Bubble 0mg, Strawberry Water Bubble 3mg, Strawberry Water Bubble 6mg, Strawberry Water Ice 0mg, Strawberry Water Ice 6mg, Swedish 0mg, Swedish 3mg, Swedish 6mg, Swedish Ice 0mg, Swedish Ice 3mg, Swedish Ice 6mg, Worms 0mg, Worms 3mg, Worms 6mg, Worms Ice 0mg