Juice Head Freeze E-liquid 100ML



The MENTHOL line of Juice Head’s favorite flavors!

Blueberry Lemon: Sweet blueberries and sour lemons.

Peach Pear: Sweet peach mixed with juicy pear.

Pineapple Grapefruit: Sweet pineapple mixed with tart grapefruit. T

Strawberry Kiwi: Sweet strawberry mixed to delicious perfection with tart kiwi.

Watermelon Lime: Juicy watermelon paired with sweet lime.

Weight 0.00000000 kg

Blueberry Lemon 0Mg, Blueberry Lemon 3Mg, Blueberry Lemon 6Mg, Peach Pear 0Mg, Peach Pear 3Mg, Peach Pear 6Mg, Pineapple Grape Fruit 0Mg, Pineapple Grape Fruit 3Mg, Pineapple Grape Fruit 6Mg, Strawberry Kiwi 0Mg, Strawberry Kiwi 3Mg, Strawberry Kiwi 6Mg, Watermelon Lime 0Mg, Watermelon Lime 3Mg, Watermelon Lime 6Mg