Kilo Moo Series E-Liquid 100ML



Kilo Moo is ready to cure your sweet tooth. There is Banana Milk, a delicious banana milkshake, complete with vanilla wafers. There is Blueberry Milk with plump blueberries and sweet vanilla bean. For caffeine lovers, there is Coffee Milk, creamy milk with robust coffee beans, and vanilla bean. For those with a stronger sweet tooth, we offer Neapolitan Milk- rich vanilla bean, sweet strawberry, and creamy chocolate. There is also Strawberry Milk, simple strawberries with a bit of vanilla. Last, but not least, there is Vanilla Almond Milk, toasted almonds with vanilla be and cold milk. Go ahead and indulge in these delicious flavors. After all, we made them with you in mind. Buy yours here today!


Weight 0.00000000 kg

Banana Milk 0mg, Banana Milk 3mg, Banana Milk 6mg, Coffee Milk 0mg, Coffee Milk 3mg, Coffee Milk 6mg, Straw Milk 0mg, Straw Milk 3mg, Straw Milk 6mg, Vanila Milk 0mg, Vanila Milk 3mg, Vanila Milk 6mg