Pacha Mama Salts – 30ml


Pachamama Salts Fuji takes the taste of everyone’s favorite red fuji apples and turns it into a salt nicotine vape juice that you will forever be addicted to. As you inhale the taste of succulent Fuji apples will tango across your taste buds in the most delightful way. This flavor is an exact replica of what a Fuji apple tastes like and the best part is that you won’t have to wait around for them to come back into season. As you exhale, the Fuji apple vape juice flavor subsides slightly and leaves you craving another puff time and time again.

Nicotine Salt eLiquid is made with salt-based nicotine at higher nicotine strengths without the extremely harsh throat hit. The main difference of vaping salt-based nicotine is the rapid absorption rate into the bloodstream. Although salt-based nicotine does not absorb into the bloodstream as quickly as combustible cigarettes, its absorption rate is quicker than normal E-Liquid which imitates the rush from a cigarette more similarly. Nicotine Salt eLiquid is specifically designed for Pod-based devices and other low output/high resistance setups. Nic Salt is not recommended for use with RDA’s or sub-ohm tanks and devices

Brand: Pachamama Salts
Flavor: Fuji
Size: 30mL
VG: 60%
PG: 40%
Bottle: Chubby Gorilla Unicorn Bottle

Weight 0.00000000 kg
Pacha Mama Salt Flavors

Apple Tobacco 25mg, Apple Tobacco 50mg, Fuji 25mg, Fuji 50mg, Honeydew Melon 25mg, Honeydew Melon 50mg, Icy Mango 25mg, Icy Mango 50mg, Sorbet 25mg, Sorbet 50mg, Starfruit Grape 25mg, Starfruit Grape 50mg, Strawberry Watermelon 25mg, Strawberry Watermelon 50mg

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