Special Blue Odor Eliminator


The Special Blue Odor Eliminator Spray Air Freshener is a room spray that is formulated to remove those unwanted odors and keeps the air fresh. An odor eliminator is the perfect way to freshen the air by getting the smokey smell out.

With over 12 different scents, this Special Blue odor eliminator spray is the best air freshener to use for stinky smells. Whether you just smoked or there is a musty smell in the air, use this can.

Directions on Using it:

  • Shake before use
  • Hold can upright
  • Spray towards the center of the room.
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Special Blue Odor

Berry Pie, Garden Exotica, Jasmine Jewel, Jasmine Woods, Lavender Dreams, OG Kush, Orange Crush, Pictures of Lily, Pink Delight, Vanilla Chronic, Wedding Rose, White Tea Party

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