Three Kings Charcoal 33mm


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Three Kings Charcoal, 33mm

10 Charcoal Disks per pack

As anyone who may have smoked a Hookah will recognize,  these bowl-shaped charcoal disks are the herb burner’s best friend.  This charcoal is the little brother of the kind one uses to grill – though they do not contain lighter fluid.  These disks use only Salt Peter as a lighting agent, so there is no scent other than carbon.

Difference between brands is really a matter of preference: lighting time and burning time is about the same between disks of the same size.  Some swear by Swiftlite, some use only Three Kings.  No matter which brand one may choose, we recommend storing the remaining disks in a ziplock bag to retain freshness.

These charcoal disks are the only way to burn resins, such as Frankincense or Myrrh.  One must also burn our Raw Incense Blends using charcoal.  For an instructive and enlightening video illustrating the use of charcoal, please see our Vlog on the subject.

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