Vgod Nic Salt E-Liquid 30ML


Key Features

  • 30ml vape juice by SaltNic
  • Made with nicotine salts
  • Available in 25mg (2.5%) and 50mg (5%) nicotine strengths
  • Please note: not intended for use in sub-ohm devices

About SaltNic Nicotine Salt Juice

Try SaltNic  and rediscover everything you love about  vaping. . All of SaltNic’s vape juices are made with nicotine salts, giving them an unparalleled smoothness upon inhalation.

SaltNic’s juices are available in  50mg (5%) nicotine variations. Every SaltNic bottle contains 30ml of liquid that is made with nicotine salt in a 45% PG, 55% VG formulation.

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VGOD Nic Flavour

Apple Bomb 25mg, Apple Bomb 50mg, Berry Bomb 25 mg, Berry Bomb 50mg, Cubano 25mg, Cubano 50mg, Cubano Blk 50mg, Dry Tobacco 25mg, Dry Tobacco 50mg, Iced Apple Bomb 25mg, Iced Apple Bomb 50mg, Iced Berry Bomb 25mg, Iced Berry Bomb 50mg, Iced Mango Bomb 25mg, Iced Mango Bomb 50mg, Iced Purple Bomb 25mg, Iced Purple Bomb 50mg, Luscious 25mg, Luscious 50mg, Lush Ice 25mg, Lush Ice 50mg, Mango Bomb 25mg, Mango Bomb 50mg, Melon Mix 25mg, Melon Mix 50mg, Mighty Mint 25mg, Mighty Mint 50mg, Pink Cakes 25mg, Pink Cakes 50mg, Purple Bomb 25mg, Purple Bomb 50mg, Summer Strawberry 25mg, Summer Strawberry 50mg, Tropical Mango 25mg, Tropical Mango 50mg

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