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Vape Culture, Defined

To many people, vapers are a group of young adults blowing big plumes of what appears to be smoke at inappropriate times and places. The media is rife with stories of inconsiderate millennials filling up nice restaurants and airports with their vapor, while loudly reminding everyone within ear shot that they aren’t “technically” breaking the rules.

While there have been a number of unfortunate stories like this going around, the truth is that the core of vape culture is made up of genuinely concerned citizens who want to turn that negative stereotype around. The real vape culture is made up of a wide swath of the overall demographic and is not limited to any one age group, gender or political party.

Who Vapes?

People from all walks of life have taken up vaping as a means of quitting smoking. In fact, that may be the one attribute that actually holds true for most vapers. They had been trying to quit smoking by other means and eventually turned to vaping to overcome their habits. With scientific support that vaping is as much as 95 percent safer than smoking cigarettes; these are individuals who are clearly concerned about their health and their futures.

Why We Need Vape Culture

Speaking of the big picture, outsiders need vape culture as much as the people who are in it. Vape culture is the place where vapers organize to help other people quit smoking. It’s where vapers protect their right to vape so they don’t return to smoking, which is also more dangerous for the environment and passersby. Vape culture sets the bar for vapor manufacturers to produce quality products, and they have helped fund research that continues to investigate the possibilities for vaping.

Sure, there may be a handful of vapers out there who don’t show proper decorum, but the majority of vapers are busy arranging vape shows where they can share the merits of their vaping devices. They put together large vape conferences to gather everyone and determine the future of the movement. Internationally, small groups create their own local vape culture relevant to their environments and local laws.

This year, Atlanta, GA will be home to one of the largest vape conventions in the U.S., bringing vapers together to discuss, learn and experiment with all that is new in the vaping industry.