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The Vape Showcase is coming back to Houston Sept. 16-17. So we thought it would be a good idea to tell our loyal fans exactly what they will experience when they get tickets to this fantastic vape event in Houston that’s being sponsored by The Northern Lights Vapor Co., Elysian Labs and Cyclops Vapor! 

Grow Your Network

What to Expect at Vape Showcase

Many people are interested in opening their own vape shop and some have a fantastic idea they would like for a business to invest in. These folks can meet local vapers and plenty of national distributors at The Houston Vape Showcase.

The event has grown steadily since 2015 and it is definitely rising on a solid cloud of vapor as word spreads throughout Texas and the rest of the country.

As more and more people come, it is turning the event into a place where consumers can learn more about the best vape brands and those already in the business can discover where the industry is heading as it grows. 

Find Something to Suit Your Tastes

Vape Showcase Liquids on Display

Attendees will want to bring a backpack with them to The Vape Showcase because many of the Houston vape shops that are participating are legendary for their great deals and heavily discounted items. Guests can expect to find everything from new e-liquids to cleaning products to keep their devices in top condition available at unbeatable prices.

Get Ready to Shop Until You Drop

Vape Showcase What to Expect

One of the best reasons to attend vape events in Houston is because they are a fantastic place to find the latest gadgets, hottest gizmos and coolest gear for a fantastic price. The majority of booths at the Showcase are run by their company owners who are eager to give guests a great deal on their latest creations.

Tickets for the event will go on sale soon, and it is something you will want to get early because they very well might sell out this year. Be sure to bring your ID, buy your tickets and load up a smile because you’re sure to have a great time.