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What to Bring to The Vape Showcase!

The 2017 Houston Vape Showcase is about to open its doors and we're not just blowing smoke when we say it will be a great place to find the latest vape gear and free stuff from vendors. Whether you are new to the vaping community or one of the industry's earliest...

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Meet the Sponsor: Vaporesence

Of all the vape shops in Texas, few can boast of the selection and quality that Vaporescence offers. The Vape Showcase is delighted that they will be sponsoring our upcoming vape convention and bringing with them a selection of the latest technologies, the...

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How to Network Like a Pro at the Upcoming Vape Showcase Events

While it is a skill that can take a business to exciting heights, no one is born knowing how to network. Indeed, it is a skill that must be learned and practiced along the way, and there is no better place to learn how to network than at our upcoming vape convention....

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10 Things to Do Near the GRB Convention Center

If you're headed to this year's Vape Showcase at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston, you're probably wondering what other interesting attractions are nearby. The good news is that Houston is full of fun places to check out with your friends once you've...

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What to Expect at The Vape Showcase

The Vape Showcase is coming back to Houston Sept. 16-17. So we thought it would be a good idea to tell our loyal fans exactly what they will experience when they get tickets to this fantastic vape event in Houston that's being sponsored by The Northern Lights Vapor...

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Official Showcase Sponsor: Cyclops Vapor

The Houston vape community is growing at a rapid pace, and the team at Cyclops Vapors is keeping their eye on the latest trends and stocking their shelves with top vape brands. Their passion for the e-juice market keeps them focused on delivering only the finest...

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10 Reasons to Drop the Cigs and Grab a Vaporizer

There are as many different reasons that people choose to vape as there are different vapers, but one that many have in common is a desire to quit smoking. If you've been thinking about replacing cigarettes with vaping, here are some of the best reasons to consider:...

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Vape Safety Tips and Tricks

Vaporizer explosions have made the news several times in the last few years. What many may not realize is that investigations typically reveal the devices in question are being mishandled or have been modified outside the scope of the manufacturer's intent. In an...

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What is Vape Culture?

Vape Culture, Defined To many people, vapers are a group of young adults blowing big plumes of what appears to be smoke at inappropriate times and places. The media is rife with stories of inconsiderate millennials filling up nice restaurants and airports with their...

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Giant Vapes Vendor Spotlight

About Giant Vapes This year The Vape Showcase is coming to Atlanta, GA, with the help of its newest sponsor, Giant Vapes. Giant Vapes entered the vaping scene in 2013 as a collective of knowledgeable vapers who wanted to make sure other people could experience the...

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