You might already know what THC is in general and the powerful effects this cannabis plant byproduct can have. In addition, many are aware that researchers have evaluated THC as beneficial for treating a medical condition like anxiety or chronic pain. But what many people are unaware of is that there are varying types of THC found across the different strains of hemp plants.

Delta 8 THC is one of those different types. This THC variant is an organic compound found in hemp flowers used in many cannabis products. The primary difference between Delta 8 THC and its common counterpart Delta 9 is the strength of their psychoactive results. Delta 8 is far less potent than Delta 9, so you can take Delta 8 products for their health and wellness benefits and feel less of a traditional “high” afterward than they would with Delta 9.

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Delta 8 pre-rolls are pre-rolled joints that utilize Delta 8 THC. With a pre-rolled joint, you can ditch the need for rolling papers and start smoking as soon as you purchase your package.

Because these hemp-based products use Delta 8 THC rather than the more potent Delta 9, smoking them will give you a mild high while still providing quality wellness benefits.

At Vape Showcase, we get all of our Delta 8 THC and industrial hemp from the best strains of hemp flower available. That way, we can ensure that every time you purchase cannabis from our store, you will receive a product bound to give you your desired results.



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Pre-rolls are far from the only thing we use our Delta 8 THC for at Vape Showcase. So, if you’re sensitive to smoke or are not a fan of pre-rolled joints, you can still find a quality hemp flower product that utilizes mild Delta 8 instead of Delta 9.


We offer premium Delta 8 vape cartridges in addition to pre-rolls. Since Delta 8 isn’t as psychoactive as Delta 9 THC, you can use these cartridges throughout the day to promote the relaxation benefits hemp flower provides with minimized risk of psychoactive side effects.


Vape Showcase offers Delta 8 cannabis concentrates in several flavors. These products are great alternatives to Delta 8 pre-rolls for those who want all of THC’s perks without having to smoke a joint.


Edibles are another popular alternative for those who want hemp products but want to avoid smoking. At Vape Showcase, we offer various edible, smoke-free Delta 8 options, including different flavors of gummies, chocolate, and crunchy chips.


As we’ve already mentioned, Delta 8 pre-rolls and other Delta 8 THC products provide a more mild high than you would get from other hemp products. However, that does not mean that Delta 8 is ineffective.

Cannabis flower products like CBD and the THC variants affect the endocannabinoid system and produce different effects throughout your body.  Even a mild THC product like a Delta 8 pre-roll will interact with this system. Some of the most common effects include:

  • Increase in appetite
  • Mild pain relief
  • Feelings of relaxation 
  • Mild intoxication or feelings of being “high.”

Not every person will have the same experience when they smoke a Delta 8 pre-roll. Some might notice effects outside the most common ones, while others might only feel mild relaxation. Still, Delta 8 products are often great ways to promote better sleep and lessen feelings of anxiety, and a pre-roll is one of the more effective THC methods for getting those advantages.

On average, the effects of smoking a Delta 8 pre-roll will last for five to eight hours. Additionally, most people will begin noting the psychoactive elements of their pre-roll setting in after the first hour or two.

Why Should I Try Delta 8 Pre-Rolls?

Like taking any cannabis flower product, Delta 8 pre-rolls have a list of effects, many of which can benefit your overall health and wellness.

Easy to Use

Delta 8 pre-rolls are an easy-to-use product. Unlike joints you make on your own from moon rocks, pre-rolled joints come out of the package, ready to use whenever you’re ready. 

Since Delta 8 pre-rolls remove the need for tools and assembly, they are some of the most user-friendly smokable THC products available.

Mild Potency

A Delta-8 pre-roll will not get you as high as pre-rolls that use Delta 9 THC. Some people might prefer THC products of higher potency.

However, those who want the anxiety relief and sleep aid perks without any significant feelings of intoxication can find their perfect solution with Delta 8.


How Do Manufacturers Make Delta 8 Hemp Flower?

To extract Delta 8 from hemp flowers, legal THC product manufacturers will apply a distillate to the plant. That distillate will then isolate the Delta 8 for pre-roll joints and other products. Like the compound itself, the process of obtaining Delta 8 is entirely natural, making the substance safe to use.

Is Delta 8 THC Safe If I've Never Consumed Cannabis Products Before?

Delta 8 THC is one of the best starting points for people interested in cannabis products but have never used one before. Because they only create feelings of “mild high” relative to robust Delta 9 THC products, they can give new users a sense of what it is like to take THC without experiencing it at its fullest strength.

Is Delta 8 Federally Legal?

As long as the Delta 8 pre-roll you purchase contains no more than 0.3% THC, it is federal farm bill compliant. So as long as you are at least 21 years old, it is federally legal for you to buy and use Delta 8 products from Vape Showcase.

However, the specific laws for recreational and medicinal cannabis use vary from state to state. At present, Delta 8 is legal to possess and use in all but the following states:

  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • Arkansas
  • Colorado
  • Delaware
  • Idaho
  • Iowa
  • Mississippi
  • Montana
  • Rhode Island
  • Utah

Since state laws override federal ones in certain situations, smoking Delta 8 pre-rolls in any of the locations where THC is a banned substance could get you in legal trouble.


If you’re looking for a cannabis product you can take for stress relief and relaxation without feeling an intense high, Delta 8 pre-rolls are the solution for you. Our pre-rolled Delta 8 joints can give you all the wellness benefits you want from your hemp products without any undesirable psychoactive side effects of Delta 9 pre-rolls.

To place an order or learn more about Delta 8 and our other Delta 8 products, call Vape Showcase today at (561) 220-2955.