Over the past few years, the information on cannabis has continued to grow, resulting in more people becoming familiar with a wider variety of cannabinoids. Though Delta-9 THC is the proper name of the cannabinoid compound that most people generally use to get high, other types of cannabis products, such as Delta-8 THC, also have psychoactive effects.

The increase in the popularity of Delta-8 hemp flower has been mainly down to the compound’s legality and its unique effects. There is, however, a limited selection of Delta-8 hemp flower products, one of them being the Delta-8 industrial hemp flower.

This article will share all the information you need to know about the Delta-8 industrial hemp flower.

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The number eight in D8 refers to the placement of the compound’s chemical bond. Structurally, it closely resembles that of Delta-9 (D9). The two cannabis products also have several similar effects. There are, however, a few key differences between the two.

For starters, hemp and cannabis plants only grow minimal amounts of D8. For manufacturers to make Delta-8 hemp flower, they have to add Delta-8 THC to a hemp plant. It needs particular breeding, extraction, and processing techniques because adding Delta-8 THC to a hemp plant creates a sticky, soggy mess almost impossible to consume. This stickiness is because, in its pure form, the product is a thick fluid that never solidifies.




While Delta-8 THC is considered legal in every state apart from Utah, Rhode Island, Montana, Mississippi, Iowa, Idaho, Delaware, Colorado, Arkansas, Arizona, and Alaska, its legality is a bit more complicated.

The legality of the product all comes down to how you source it. As you know, D9 remains highly illegal in many American states. Since 1970, the U.S Federal Law has classified D9 THC, along with LSD and heroin, as a Schedule I substance.

If you convert D9 THC to Delta-8 distillate, then the product will be considered illegal. However, if you convert your Delta-8 distillate from either hemp or CBD, it will be regarded as legal under the 2018 Farm Bill, also known as the H.R. 2: The Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018.

The 2018 Farm Bill describes hemp flower as the cannabis Sativa plant and any parts of the plant currently growing or not. That includes its seeds and all its derivatives, including cannabinoids, acids, salts, extracts, isomers, and salts of isomers, with a D9 tetrahydrocannabinol concentration not exceeding 0.3% of its weight when the product is dry.

D8 is a derivative of CBD and hemp, an isomer of CBD, a cannabinoid found in hemp, and is considered legal as long as the final product does not have more than 0.3% of Delta-9 THC.


Delta-8 hemp flower is usually found in concentrated form, meaning that you will only need a few drops for it to be effective. The best way to use Delta-8 hemp flower is with a dab rig.

Unlike CBD, which medical experts laud for its medicinal benefits and lack of psychoactive effects, Delta-8 is different. Similar to D9, the product does have psychoactive effects and will show up on a drug test. However, as a consumer, you will not experience its impact at the same potency level as D9.

While the effects of Delta-8 are yet to be researched extensively, there have been several positive experiences reported by those who have used the compound. The product has been shown to impart relaxation and focus, reduce pain, and decrease nausea. The National Cancer Institute has even recognized the Delta-8 hemp flower, noting that it has anxiolytic, antiemetic, neuroprotective, and analgesic qualities.

One way to think of the product’s effects is like a toned-down version of D9. Another way to think of Delta-8 hemp flower is as a middle ground between hemp, CBD, and Delta-9 THC. 

Delta-8 hemp flower reduces the intensity of D9’s psychoactive effects and the potential adverse side effects users commonly experience.

In many cases, regular Delta-8 hemp flower users have reported that they did not feel the anxiety, dizziness, and paranoia that Delta-9 THC often causes. This difference is because D8’s different molecular structure causes it to bind to CB1 receptors differently. These receptors play a crucial role in your endocannabinoid system. They also regulate most of THC’s psychoactive effects.

The hemp flower will still induce a few of the typical psychoactive effects, giving you euphoria, stimulating your appetite, and relaxing or energizing you, depending on the cannabinoid profile and larger terpene with less intensity. The hemp flower might also cause drowsiness or dizziness, so it is best not to use it while operating heavy machinery or driving.


While Delta-8’s psychoactive effects wear off in a few hours, its use could pose some harm if you are pregnant, have a higher risk of developing mental health disorders, or are vulnerable to respiratory problems.

Therefore, though D8 has various benefits, it is always best to consult your physician before using it and be responsible and mindful when consuming this flower, whether for recreational or medicinal purposes. Also, you should not consume it if you are under 18 years of age.


For some users, the potency of Delta-9’s psychoactive effects is what they are after.  But, there are several advantages that you could enjoy by using Delta-8 hemp flower instead. The CBD flower can keep your body and mind healthy. Here are a few reasons why you should consider using this CBD flower.


Delta-8 CBD flower has excellent potential in treating inflammation and pain, according to reports from Cannabinoid and Cannabis research. The CBD flower is a phytocannabinoid with antinociceptive and anti-inflammatory properties that quickly heal body pain. Even if you use Delta-8 distillate oil topically by applying it on an injured area, you will notice that the swelling in the area will begin to subside soon.


Delta-8 CBD flower is also beneficial in boosting your memory and increasing your appetite. Using a small amount of Delta-8 flower regularly will make you want to eat more. The flower will impact further positive changes as it helps you become more focused as you work.


According to a National Cancer Institute study done in 2013, Delta-8 flower inhibits tumor growth, significantly reducing cancer risks in your body. Delta-8 distillate prevents the growth of Lewis lung adenocarcinoma cells both in its vivo and vitro modes. This information means that tumors cannot grow bigger or spread cancerous cells in your body. Additionally, because of specific components of the Delta-8 flower, the carcinogenic cells die over time.


According to recent studies conducted by several scientists, the flower can significantly reduce, treat, cure, or prevent nausea. This effect can be an essential benefit for those who are currently taking medication for nausea. Some of these prescription medications have multiple adverse side effects.

On the other hand, due to Delta-8’s antiemetic ability, the CBD flower cures nausea without producing any side effects. It can also prevent frequent vomiting and can help you feel energetic. Scientists are also of the opinion that this Delta-8 trait can help treat, cure, or prevent hematologic cancer.


There is still a lot that experts are discovering about D8’s effects, advantages, and possible drawbacks. The early signs are, however, very promising.

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