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HQD Cuvie Plus Product Review

hqd cuvie plus review

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HQD Cuvie Plus Product Review

Since its release, the HQD Cuvie Plus has become one of the most popular disposable vapes on the market. Its sleek design, powerful nicotine satisfaction, and impressive flavor selection have made it a hit with ex-smokers and vape enthusiasts. This review will look closely at what makes the Cuvie Plus so special and see if it is the best disposable vape pen. Let’s get started.

What Is Cuvie Plus?

A disposable vape device with a 950 mah battery, the Cuvie Plus is capable of producing 1,200 puffs. It contains 5ml of liquid with 50mg per ml and a 1.8-ohm coil. The device offers great mouth-to-lung hits and is available in over 40 flavors – though some important ones, like coffee and tobacco, are missing.

The most popular flavors include strawberry watermelon, ice mint, apple peach, peanut butter, and pineapple ice. Cuvie Plus is easy to use – just inhale from the mouthpiece and enjoy the sweet taste and flavorful vapor. The device is meant to be disposed of once the liquid is finished.

Internal Building Quality and Design

With a great draw, a firm mouthpiece, and no sounds or breakdowns, this disposable device’s internal build quality, and design are excellent. All vapers may not prefer the tight draw, but the duck-billed mouthpiece is a great feature. The overall form factor is good, making it easy to hold and transport. Also, the outer design is pleasing, especially the well-made mouthpiece.

With carved snowflakes on the bottom and a LED indicator in the center, the bottom of Cuvie Plus has a unique but practical design. The frosted plastic cover makes the light, soft, and easy to see. And the frosted plastic ring around the bottom makes it easier to see the indicator when you vape.

User Experience Of HQD Cuvie Plus

Feeling confident and comfortable, the HQD Cuvie Plus sits nicely in your hand. Its sleek design won’t weigh you down when carrying it around, but it’s still substantial enough that you’ll know it’s there. The smooth, cool surface results from the high-quality materials used in its construction.

With two silicone protectors (one for the mouthpiece and one for the bottom), your Cuvie Plus will stay clean and protected when not used. The mouthpiece protector doubles as a lid, thanks to its rounded shape, making it easy to keep on and preventing any dirt or debris from getting inside. Also, the bottom protector keeps the battery connection point clean and free from damage.

Cloud Production

With the Cuvie Plus, you’ll enjoy great cloud production. You’ll feel the warmth of the vapor first, and then it hits you with just the right amount of cooling to refresh your mind. The vapor is smooth and a little warmer than what you’d experience with other brands.

All of the flavors offered by HQD are fruity. They’re all strong and sweet, which can make some of the flavors a bit greasy. While this may be the case for some, most users enjoy the flavors offered by HQD.

Battery Life

With a 950mAh battery, the Cuvie Plus has enough power to last a week or more of constant use – making it one of the more impressive disposables on the market. Vapers will be more than satisfied with this device’s battery capacity. Also, each Cuvie Plus comes with a LED light on the tip that will change colors to indicate how much battery life remains.

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How To Use The Cuvie Plus Disposable Vape?

With no firing button and being non-refillable, the Cuvie Plus is automatically turned on when you take a pull from its mouthpiece. This disposable vape will stop working once its battery and juice reservoir has been depleted. Here are the easy steps to follow in using this device:

  1. Remove the Cuvie Plus From Packaging: Start by taking your Cuvie Plus out of its packaging.
  2. Inspect The Device: Once you have the device in hand, check it for any damage that may have occurred during shipping.
  3. If All Looks Good, Take A Pull From The Mouthpiece: Check that there is juice in the reservoir by looking at the clear section on the side of the device. If there is liquid visible, go ahead and take a pull from the mouthpiece.
  4. Continue Using Until It No Longer Operates: Keep using your Cuvie Plus until it runs out of power and juice. Once it’s no longer working, dispose of it in the trash.

And that’s all there is to it. Using the Cuvie Plus disposable vape is simple. Enjoy your vape session without having to worry about refilling or charging. When you’re done, just toss it out and grab a new one. From sweet candy smell to sour pineapple hard candy or blueberry raspberry, there’s a flavor for everyone.

HQD Cuvie Vs. Cuvie Plus

Several key differences exist between the HQD Cuvie and the HQD Cuvie Plus. Most notably, the Plus features a drip-tip style mouthpiece in place of the duck-billed mouthpiece found on the original device. Additionally, the Plus has a rounded body rather than the thumb-drive design used on the Cuvie. These two devices also differ in terms of capacity and flavors offered.

The HQD Cuvie Plus has a greater liquid capacity and a longer-lasting battery that allows more puffs than the Cuvie. Additionally, the Plus offers more flavor options to choose from. Overall, both devices are excellent choices, but the Cuvie Plus is the better option if you’re looking for a longer-lasting device with more flavor options.



Our HQD vape review shows that this is a great disposable device for anyone looking for a reliable and powerful vape. It comes with all kinds of fantastic flavors, and the only drawback is that they forgot to include coffee and tobacco-flavored vapes. Overall, this disposable vape is worth every cent, and you can tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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